Nang may magawa ang mga bitwin

Month: May, 2015


The Overtoun Bridge in Scotland saw an incredible series of events
for the past fifty years: more than fifty dogs have leapt to their deaths

on that same bridge, down to the stream which runs below it, which
alone in itself is an incredible statistic. But this mystery is only made

more interesting by specific details that run through all dog deaths
like a common thread: they all jumped at the same spot, the right-hand

side of the bridge, all dogs involved were breeds with long muzzles:
Collies, Labradors, and retrievers, their deaths occurring on clear,

sunny days. When Donna Cooper walked her collie Ben across the Overtoun,
the dog leapt over a parapet on the bridge and fell fifty feet to its death,

but Ben did not die immediately. He was rescued with a broken jaw,
a broken paw, and his back twisted by the fall. And while these injuries

did not kill him yet, the veterinarian decided it was not worth putting the dog
in that much pain. Donna and the family decided to let him go, after which

her son, Callum, asked questions about the dog, clearly upset from
the gravity of that kind of loss, that sudden kind of death which leaves

a lot of owners affected by that bridge to try to find out why their dogs
would want to die, a phenomenon most people call a heartbreaking mystery.


Day 28 of NaPoWriMo: Write a poem about bridges. Maybe a breakup poem that doesn’t exactly sound like a breakup poem.


You apologized for not loving me anymore

There’s nothing that needs
forgiving and everything
that needs forgetting.


Day 27 of NaPoWriMo: Write a hay(na)ku, which is a variation of the Japanese haiku: a tercet with one word for the first line, two words for the second, and three words for the third.

I tried writing a hay(na)ku, but eventually found myself writing a haiku instead.