As the flower to the soil

by Abner Dormiendo

It’s not only that I need you to live.
It’s that when you have touched something
the way a tendril does grain for grain,

when that root goes deep enough—
because this depth is always enough

as far as my life is concerned—letting go
becomes almost death.

Not in the sense that my life is deep
in your life, although that is also true,
although you have proven yourself to me
as necessary as truth.

Not in the sense that my existence
is intertwined with yours, for I can be
admired without you. I could remain
alive detached from your person.

I will remain alive
if it means to remember,
if the lovers deem me worthy of a vase
or the poets worthy of a poem.

I can remain alive
but not for long.

My want and my need for you
becomes as mutual as us,
nostalgia becomes as necessary.

When you’ve been that long in that feeling
you would also want to come back.


Day 26 of NaPoWriMo: Write a persona poem where you take on a voice of someone else. I don’t know. I think this could have been better. Maybe in future revisions.