Some sense of closure

by Abner Dormiendo

On that day, one distant day from today,
incommensurate but always enough,

I will give back this poem to the grace of sky,
all these half-hearts to the leafless tree, my sighs

to the immense grief of the ocean, the pain to the thorns
and the red to the roses, surrender her breath to wind,

give her form back to the spine of a mountain, my mouth
to the shape of a cloud at the verge of speaking rain.

On that day, I will give back all the sorrows of the world
to the world when all I’ve borrowed has been spent,

when all the carrying over has been carried over
and there’s nothing more to bear, and on that day,

that glorious day, I will give the memory of her
back where I took it from this earth,

but until that day, I will have this earth,
and I will keep dreaming of the distance.


Day 22 of NaPoWriMo: Write a pastoral, which is basically any poem that engages with nature, especially since it was Earth Day. I did try to incorporate some nature themes, and I think it shows, but I just wished I would have written this better. *sighs*