by Abner Dormiendo

And because we could not carry on together,
let my words fork our paths, dear traveler,

once-wanderer on the thickets of my soul—
I have no more reasons to keep you from going

on your way, but first the bluebirds, first the distant
whisper of the stream, the magnetism of thirst—

why love is not blind, love is borrowing from
an other’s eye, and so the horizons we aim for

—yours the sea and mine the mountain. We must
be going. This almost dusk. The wind divorcing

grass from another grass. We are fortunate
to have come this far and not look back

to the mouth of regret. The always present threat
of its teeth. Goodbye without saying goodbye.


Day 18 of NaPoWriMo: a poem that indicates a journey and a message. Well, an urgent journey and an important message. Personally, I don’t think it sounds urgent.

I had a lot of ideas on how the Day 18 poem should be written but none of them ever actualized.