Breakup poem with the news

by Abner Dormiendo

And when all is spent, all is spent,
and I am left alone with my thoughts on death,
the television crying from yesterday’s news,
I will be writing again about you.
No offense to the world, but this is true:
I am an undocumented tragedy, a boy
deserted by some embodiment of attention,
the minutest kind in the shape of a woman
being pulled away from me by Carpe Diem
like a dog being dragged on a leash.
It’s harsh to be compared to a dog on a leash
when women in some other place are being force-married
to a man who barely knows what to do with his lust.
On good days I’d like to think I am better than them
but after a whole day of trying to un-remember
your name on my mental phonebook, I feel
only what the rest of the world feels about
an overplayed human tragedy: wishing it was numb.


Day 19 of NaPoWriMo: Write a landay, a couplet with 22 syllables per line. It’s a form commonly employed by women in Afghanistan where their society is more oppressive towards their kind. And while I strayed from using the form for this poem, I thought of some of their struggles I have read in articles and heard in news and thought how to incorporate at least one in this poem.