The story of today

by Abner Dormiendo

The other day I was lost for words.
In my ribcage it was the national day
of mourning, and it was barely past
noon. Today is a different story
because I said so: Today, I’m still sad,
but not anymore the kind that desiccates,
that empties a throat of meaning,
the kind I had that day, I’m sure
you know what I mean, my tongue
poised like a gun as an approximate
metaphor for thought. That was the only
thing I had that day: an unloaded gun
in the form of my tongue. But today,
I have mountain, smiley face, a hand
poised in a peace sign, I have the world
in her hands of silicon and fiberglass,
ones and zeroes like it means I love you
in the most detached language possible.
Still I wanted to tell you the story of today
in the most approximate translation
of me in relation to my body, in relation
to the different versions of what I am after
us: Today I am cat, a man with raised hands,
ambulance, diamond ring, tie. Today
I’m feeling clock, half-moon, a cup of coffee,
a tidal wave. I want you like wristwatch, a girl
in prayer, the image of a handgun
with no bullets in sight.


Day 17 of NaPoWriMo: Write a social-media-inspired poem. Immediately I thought about how emojis are starting to become a creative way to talk to people on the Internet, so I incorporated some common emojis in text-form. I tried to channel Gilbert here without risking sounding like him, so of course I fell off completely short and inadequate by miles.