Elegy to breakups

by Abner Dormiendo

It was not nice meeting you is all
I wanted to say if I had the chance
to say it: you were a bad man,
a cheating husband, a terrible lover
who leaves other lovers groping
for their own clothes in the dark,
and everything after are the aftermaths
of two people trying to relive the moment
before the moment that is you,
the always teary-eyed you, the trying
to be amicable but no one can stay
friends with you you, you and your
smell of cigarettes and alcohol and lip balms
and ruffled sheets hurriedly losing the scent of
a promise, your presence like the absence
of presence, like silence so full of itself
it cannot be filled with anything else
but more silence, like the greatest of our loves
is in this hole in the dirt, and you are the hole
as well as the dirt—I would have buried you
if only I wasn’t knee-deep in that ground.


Day 13 of NaPoWriMo: write a riddle. I know it doesn’t really sound like a riddle, but I tried to make it kind of not a riddle type of riddle. I’m so messed up. But either way, the answer is in the title.

It’s hard catching up. *insert exasperated face*