Breakup poem at the day of our breakup

by Abner Dormiendo

The news is so sad today we cried together on the couch.

We took our medicines out of their canisters
and took them for a walk outside the sun.

The sky was a brighter color than yesterday,
and that made us feel better.

In the horizon, a cloud formed the shape of loneliness.

I am just glad dogs have shorter life spans than humans
because I don’t want to leave anyone behind when shit goes down.

My greatest dream before I die was to see forever
bloom in the face of a lover.

But there is no way to contain forever.

My heart felt like an atomic bomb about to be dropped somewhere soon.

You are a landscape painting of a misty mountain and I want to get inside you.

I’ve never been so afraid to die than the day we finished pretending.

A woman’s face is bleeding in some invisible country,
and I think she was crying.

Now I’m not sure.

The television refused to show us the news,
so we watched the static fall down from the screen.

That was the greyest sky we ever saw in our life.


Day 12 of NaPoWriMo: Write a poem describing something in great detail, then remove the articles and other unnecessary words like determiners.

(Obviously I like breaking the rules here.)