Making meaning

by Abner Dormiendo

zero: the possibility of us being another yes: I wish was not the answer to Is it our fault we are x: variable, an unpredictable kind of weather, whether: all possibilities collapsing, a form of violence: the greatest kind is unforgivingness as I did not mean to harm you, understand: as if meaning is a ceiling we look towards: movement from here to not here meaning somewhere: there we could have been better revisions: I wish to change this to a kinder version of quiet: that night, your voice becoming a certain shade of please: cushioned command, the fulfillment of: belonging to, relating to, also known as never: we cannot come back, not to that moment: the utterance of which renders it dead, lost: we are surrounded more by the things that we do not know: to hold in mind reason even if the reason is not just: what is good, this goodness, the smallest unit of an image: you dressed in sadness, the things I cannot hold: my hands are too small for the shape of goodbye: in between is the time of absence, indefinite, finite: us at the bookends of everything: all that exists, also death: the moment the moment ceases: the moment I stopped believing: for the moment I accept:


Day 10 of NaPoWriMo: Write an abecedarian poem, which borrows a structure derived from the alphabet. This is a pretty interesting prompt for me, and I (unashamedly, as I will be endorsing them) borrowed some elements from Alyza Taguilaso’s poem Stopas well as from Mabi David’s Postscript (a copy of which is not available in the Internet).