If the feeling is mutual

by Abner Dormiendo

I wish I had the maximum number of arms required
for the most love a body can handle,

and something tells me the answer to one plus one
is not two but something bigger if we are to believe

that the whole is bigger than the sum of its parts
then there’s something more two than two

which I guess is in how its head is bowed and its body
looks like it’s genuflecting so the rest of the numeral

is a prayer in a way that it only takes two things
to build a shrine big enough for a god to contently

fit in it like hands clasped together and I always thought
we were hands in the way that it claps and grabs

and keeps in between its palms a prayer and also
air to circulate like cradling a bird with a great wound

in one wing and how I sometimes wish I could fit
all the wounded birds in the palm of my hands but healing

is a burden and wounds are a blessing in a way that
a door is a blessing and sunlight bleeding through it

reminds me of Jesus and his saving wounds and my life
will fit inside that great wound and your life will fit inside it

or my life in yours depending on whether you think
the sky contains the earth or if it is the other way around


Day 5 of NaPoWriMo is one big block I had difficulties with: a rehash of a Dickinson poem. I have written one and now it’s gone. (Not that I liked that one anyway.) So this one is something that did not really followed the prompt, but I put a little homage to a Dickinson poem in there (A not admitting of the wound, but an ever so slight homage.)

I owe myself around seven more poems which is a lot of catching up. But I’ll try my best to finish the month this year, that’s a promise. The challenge is still on!