Breakup poem where you need space

by Abner Dormiendo

Who doesn’t? Imagine
if we are all packed
to the atom, we would be
so dense we won’t be able
to feel. That’s the thing
about life, it needs some void,
that little thing called nothing,
which isn’t really little nor
a thing, but is there, even when it’s
not really there, isn’t that weird?
Like being in two places at once
or being two objects in one place
or just being there, that’s all,
that’s all we need, a sense
of orientation, direction,
location, location, location
because what are we if we are not
in space or what is space if we are not
somewhere in it, and the answer is
it is still space, that which will live
even without life, even without
this thing called skin called us called
which is definitely this, and maybe
we don’t need it inasmuch as we need
to be it, that lifeless life, that place
that is not place, that being together
without being together, in a way, is ideal


Day 4: Write a love-less poem, something that doesn’t really use the word ‘love’ but talks about love, or lack thereof. Since this series is about breakups anyway, it’s not really a difficult prompt to deal with. It was more a matter of closing in on a specific aspect of a broad prompt.