Breakup poem with stars in it

by Abner Dormiendo

All I know is that I don’t know
when I’ll die, but I’ll die someday,
that I know: everything ends, et cetera,
which should be a consolation
since that is another thing I know
like knowing a lot is a big relief,
ignorance is not bliss contrary to
popular belief, and so on and so forth,
but enough about us, let’s ask
what the stars know, hello stars,
what is the history of human suffering?
Do you decide your constellations
or was that decision made for you?
I feel stupid now for asking something
that only blinks and burns and just be
so goddamn beautiful, I could name
our sons and daughters after them if
we live that long, or until the stars themselves die,
because see, that’s another thing about stars,
they also end, isn’t that consoling? Beauty
ending, albeit by a billion years and a billion
light years away from each other, which means
right now, as we search for signs of life
in the sky, somewhere a supernova,
a beautiful ball of gas that got tired of being
just another beautiful ball of gas, a lonely bang
in a vast void of nothing and scene, that’s it,
that’s the history of love, to possess that thing
that keeps us bright but burns us down,
not knowing if in this moment if it’s the latter
or the former, or are they happening
at the same time, or do we really want to know
which of the three it is


NaPoWriMo Day 2: something about stars. Ordinarily, it would be an easy poem for me to write (because stars, duh) but I tried to not make it into just another star poem. But then again, in the end, it’s just another star poem, isn’t it?