by Abner Dormiendo

He knows the boy he wanted
Was within this body.

He slammed his fists, tried
To beat it out of me,

A body whose only sin
Was to hunger another man.

I had nothing to bleed for him
But tenderness.


The man I loved knows what he wants
And how to get it, unravels me

Like a secret and lays me down
On the bed. He was right:

There is a body
Inside this body,

Shivering to be freed
The way father tried before.


Do I know pain from pleasure?
When he told me I was less

A man for loving a man,
I twirled the blood around my tongue,

And took note of this love,
The metallic taste of it.


Of course, I loved him,
The very first man

To find the body within,
To make it tremble of grace

Like a sinner absolved—
And he loved me; his hands say so.


He shook me, my father,
The way a greedy boy shook

The fruit bruising from a tree.
I shuddered out of this love.


He shook me, this man,
The way the rain unspools

The secret scent of grass.
I shuddered out of this love.


FB Creative Challenge prompt: orgasm. I want to write it in a subtle manner, so I hope it didn’t turn out too obscure.