In Context: New Year’s Eve

by Abner Dormiendo

after Gian Lao

Gunpowder clouds the scent of midnight dinner being prepared (si mommy sa kusina), crackles from both the speaker (2014 Pop Danthology ni DJ Earworm) and firecracker (super lolo) after (piccolo) another (sinturon ni Hudas) firecracker (‘yung makulay sa langit). She goes outside (para naman walang masabi) and aims her phone to the sky (#vscocam) only to go back inside after (mahina ang Wi-fi sa labas). Plates (leche flan) and plates (inasal na manok) of dinner (lechong kawali) are arranged at the table (12 bilog na prutas sa gitna), the tricycles drowning out the conversation (kain na, anak). She goes down and raises her camera above the table (Kainan na, yay!) and keeps it (tigilan mo muna yang Facebook-Facebook mo). This always happen to her (puro Facebook lang inatupag mo), and tomorrow, nothing changes. (I’m ready, 2015!)


FB Creative Challenge prompt: Include the word yay in the poem. Perhaps the oddest prompt and a very difficult one to make since this is arguably not even a word. So I took the form from Lao’s work (In Context: Her Sunday Afternoon from Heights vol. LVII no. 2, p. 23).

Also, a softer new year to everyone! May the world treat you kindly this 2015.