by Abner Dormiendo

And what a fitting name for a woman
with eyes so deeply green, forest-like
in intensity: lushest foliage
of sunbathed leaves, latticework of light
filtered in her lashes.

Staring into her, I am a bird
circling those primeval mountains,
sky-white pools around her eyes.

Every man I knew had told me the secret
of this wilderness, this beastly heart
burning on her chest.

She must be lonely.
A beauty of this kind must be lonely,
a forest not seen for its trees—

Or she must have a secret.
A beauty of this kind must be hiding
a pool of dark water, the wild animals
thumping their hooves inside her,
wanting to be touched.

I do not need to touch her to know.
I think everyone was too afraid to.

She looks at me and I see it in her eyes,
fear of the deepest, most primal kind:
mountains of trees with no one to echo.


Still part of the Facebook Creative Challenge. I got emerald as a theme. I will be posting a lot these next few days, as I need to catch up on my artistic debt.