The Oregon Trail goes to prom, Gregory Sherl

by Abner Dormiendo

This is how you undress: quickly, without
heart. This is how you love: a slight
exaggeration of yourself. This morning we forded
the Kansas River, watched the water curl under
our toes. We were safe, even for just a moment,
inside ourselves. Now inside you, I am.
After we touch for the first time, I am cordial
with your wrists. I enunciate against your
ribs. When I whisper desert I mean dessert,
I mean Understand I am overwhelmed
by everything you didn’t say. Catch the lost
moments in the back of this wagon.
When you’re not in the room, I am slowly
waiting to stop waiting slowly. In nine months
we’ll be nine months older, our family fuller,
but right now you look so good in that dress,
your eyes are my heart’s entire discography.
Basically I love you the most. What I mean
is Come hold me, I’m your softest fur.