by Abner Dormiendo

Ama, lagyang bisa itong tahanan. Ibababa kita—
bersikulo ng manunubos, batas ng kaniyang daan,
sutla mong kamay. Sabihing musika ng makina
ang bigay mo. Isang siglo ang hihingin kong isang pagitan.


Day 23: Homophonic poems, which is basically getting a poem written in a foreign language and trying to write a poem based on how (you think) it sounds. I love to hate this prompt, because while it seems so interesting (and it is), often than not you get senseless words from homophones.

I took a section from the poem Quatrains by Indonesian poet Sapardi Djoko Damono. As you can see, this poem does not make sense. At all. I tried, and this is all I can do.