by Abner Dormiendo

Marahil ikinukubli
ng aking balat hindi

ang karunungan kundi
nagdaang panahon. Bilang

hinihintay na lang ang araw
kung saan maaari na

akong humimlay,
ang hinihingi na lang

sa iyo’y pasensya—
upang bantayan akong

napapagal na sa bawat
umagang nagigising pa.

Pasensya na.

Nakakapagod rin minsan
ang paghinga.


Day 20: Write a poem in the voice of another family member. I used the voice of my grandmother, who never lets a day pass without hearing “I’m going to die someday, just you wait” from her blabbering mouth. I love her, but she’s overbearing sometimes. I don’t know, but maybe being an old person who is nearing 90 is tiring and sad—aching body parts, feeling of uselessness that comes along with it, seeing a spouse, your siblings, and a child die ahead of you. I think I’m not considerate enough for the family member who probably cares about her the most.

Process-wise, I wrote this in a rush, since I’m personally not too fond of the prompt. Also because my family may not be as interesting to write about anyway.