Ten lies I told my friend on her deathbed

by Abner Dormiendo

You’re looking stronger today than yesterday.
You look beautiful, even without all the hair.
I don’t have anything to do today, I can stay.
Good girls go to heaven when they die.
It doesn’t hurt if you close your eyes.
It will only sting a little, don’t worry.
I’m not going away, I promise.
No, I wasn’t crying last night.
You’ll be okay.
I’ll be okay.


Day 16: Write a poem with ten lies. I honestly did not try hard enough for this prompt, I’m sorry. Of course, even the title here is a lie. Hopefully, I’d be stronger than this if ever (fingers crossed it doesn’t happen) this happens.

Also, this marks my last English poem this NaPoWriMo 2014! Anticlimactic, if you ask me. Hahaha. Halfway there…