Multiple Names for Desire

by Abner Dormiendo

She is the mouth of the river, sea salt, crab holes
puncturing the shoreline. She is the sensation
of sand in the mouth, the grit of rock against
the softer flesh. She is the friction of tongue
against palate, glottal tisk, imagined punctuation,
rabbit in the forest vanishing behind the cypresses,
ferns, the folding of leaf onto spine. She is the wind
that disturbs conversation, flown kites, blooming skirts,
secrets light as feathers, make of it an image: think
of the bird it belongs to—she is that bird. She is
the stray dove resting on a telephone wire, stench
of decay and gasoline on the concrete, the dry spot
beneath a parked car after the rain. She is the name
of a missing child, code for a well-kept file, a passphrase
that belongs to no one but the mouth—this time yours.
Use it as an anchor. There is a basket of arrows etched with
the multiple names you have for desire. Today you mount
one of them on a bow, and she is the tension on the
string, the quiver of the shot, sliced air, whipping
sound. She is wherever the arrow lands on, dead leaf,
rose bush, holy ground, dead center. If you thought
you have tried hard enough, next time, try harder.


Day 15: Terza rima. Second out of the three times I’m diverging from the prompt because I cannot rhyme properly to save my live. Especially one with a complicated rhyming scheme. 

This poem’s written this afternoon after realizing I don’t have a “muse” poem yet. I apologize if it’s not that good, I just have to get the muse poem out of the way. Haha.

Also this is going to be the second to the last poem I will be writing in English. After Day 16, everything’s going to be in Filipino. #comfortzone