by Abner Dormiendo

after Nicko Reginio Caluya

I have arrived here in a house where silence
once lived. To begin with, I have nothing common
with anyone or anything here but a song
hanging on our tongues, sour fruits ripe of
the past we tried to go back to. Back home, farmers tilled
their lands for planting rice, fields and fields
of muddy water mirroring sky. Here, a temple, unlit
at the moment, stood in front of these houses,
one of them mine for the meantime. Pillars tower
over my tallest sorrows, and for a while I forget, eyes red
from jetlag. The blossoms are coming soon. It is night. Lights
of streetlamps here become warmth. I look up and blink.


Day 5’s prompt takes on an interesting form: a “golden shovel”, which is more or less an acrostic of another poem but with its words at the end rather than at the beginning. For this, I took Nicko Reginio Caluya’s haiku Takayama as the poem which I dug my golden shovel into. Haha. (I tried being funny and failed at it.)

PS: Also, check out his blog while you’re at it! He’s one of the most talented writers I have the privilege of being acquainted with.