What I Know About the Flat Earth Theory

by Abner Dormiendo

The end must signify a point
of no return: where land recedes
and fades into sand, sand
into sea. Where does the sea
end? Let us find out.
Wonder with me, to where
the ocean bleeds its waters
to newborn stars. Or perhaps there
a mountain range lies. The earth
can only take so much. Call it
finitude. What we have
must end somewhere. Soon
we will decide to turn
our backs away from
each other, count to ten,
and with eyes closed, walk
until our feet bleed so much
we cannot feel anymore.
In the end, we discover. Speculations
fade into knowledge. Where
does knowledge end? I can only
wonder what happens
after the great divide.
Where the mouth fades
into words, but no ears
await, this we call finitude.
The body can only take
so much. We can bleed
until we cannot. You and I fade
into us. A mountain range. An ocean.
A point of no return.