by Abner Dormiendo

We got to the shore before dawn
finally breaks the deep blue shell

we call sky, spilling light like breaking
the yolk we call sun. Yellow stains

the tablecloth, pocked with grains
and grains of stars we can only consume

from afar through the eyes that hunger
for something more, a thirst not even

the ocean against the skin can quench.
And we felt it: beneath the granulated sand

the earth grumbles, in need for lovers
to feed it words. We cannot comply

though we slice across its crust. We are only
speculators, spectators. We also hunger:

for words, for love. We are only human.


First line from Mikael de Lara Co’s Orca
Part of NaPoWriMo 2013, and a project I am doing along with a couple of friends.