when a poet falls in love with a fashionista

by Abner Dormiendo

I don’t know how you pull off
black dress with rubber shoes
but you always send my mind running in circles
chasing after that matching impossibility
you always get away so gracefully.

You wear this shielded beauty
like knee-high boots
like you are hiding something beneath that flattering shirt,
and all I want to do is unzip your secrets
and tatter your inhibitions at the seams.

I want to reveal something in you:
not just shoulders or back or thighs.
The animal prints and faux fur you wore
never came close to the skin underneath,
and to feel the bones below your knitted cardigan
feels like a sale on three-piece suits.

You make me feel elegant.
You make me feel like I can wear anything
and feel good about myself.
You make me feel like I can wear nothing
and still feel good about myself.

I want to be the sweater to match your denim pants.
I could be the rubber shoes and you could be the black dress
and we will look good together though people question how
but I will tell them it is you;
you are the reason why my clumsiness
fit perfectly in your beauty.
We will defy rules and set up our own.

And when all else fails,
we will disrobe our coats and shed our fabrics.
Our bare skin will be the new in
when love goes out of fashion.