Farewell Poem for Unrequited Love

by Abner Dormiendo

Here is a fact: the universe is expanding
at an alarming rate, the galaxies
are drifting away from each other,
the continents shifting and turning
with the ocean, and lands break off
from another. Here is another fact: when we depart,
we might never see each other.
The gaps between the stars are swelling, the fault line
draws itself across the palm of this lonely earth
and I don’t believe in destiny but I believe this is true:
we are not meant to be together.
But I will be fine. I have your name written
in my bones just in case these unspoken words
bury me, I would find my way back
to you. But I will leave you with this note:
If you get lost in a new city, let this
be your refuge, your home. Find me
in this poem. I am in here. I always will be.