Nang may magawa ang mga bitwin

Month: August, 2012

Sa Maitim na Tubig ng Kakahuyan

Masdan, ang mga puno’y
ang sarili nilang mga katawang
maging mga haligi
ng liwanag,
nagsasaboy ng masaganang
samyo ng kanela
at katuparan,

ang mahahabang patulis
ng mga lawas
ay sumasabog at lumulutang paalis, paibabaw
sa mga bughaw na balikat 

ng mga batis,
at ang bawat batis,
anuman ang kanilang
pangalan, ay
wala nang pangalan ngayon.
Bawat taon
ng aking natutunan

sa tanang buhay ko’y
bumabalik dito: ang mga apoy
at ang maitim na ilog ng pagkawala
kung saan sa kabilang pampang

ay kaligtasan,
ang kahulugan
walang makaaalam sa atin.
Upang mabuhay sa mundong ito

kailangan mong magawa
ang tatlong bagay:
ang mahalin kung alin ang mortal:
ang hawakan ito

sa iyong buto, batid
na doon nakapanangan ang iyong buhay;
at kung dumating ang panahon upang pakawalan ito,
ang pakawalan ito.

(Isang tapat na pagsasalin sa tulang “In Blackwater Woods” ni Mary Oliver)

Farewell Poem for Unrequited Love

Here is a fact: the universe is expanding
at an alarming rate, the galaxies
are drifting away from each other,
the continents shifting and turning
with the ocean, and lands break off
from another. Here is another fact: when we depart,
we might never see each other.
The gaps between the stars are swelling, the fault line
draws itself across the palm of this lonely earth
and I don’t believe in destiny but I believe this is true:
we are not meant to be together.
But I will be fine. I have your name written
in my bones just in case these unspoken words
bury me, I would find my way back
to you. But I will leave you with this note:
If you get lost in a new city, let this
be your refuge, your home. Find me
in this poem. I am in here. I always will be.

Nang Bumagsak Ka Sa Dagat

Hindi ko maarok ang lalim ng dagat
na humigop sa iyo pababa sa kaniyang
madilim at malamig na sinapupunan,

ngunit mula sa malayo, nakikita kita:
ang mga mata mong pinipilit dumilat
sa alat; ang damit mong kumakapit sa balat,

ang balat sa buto, ang buto sa kaluluwa,
ang kaluluwa sa bawat hininga, malamig at basa,
sinusubukang iproseso ng iyong mga nanghihina nang baga;

ang panlalaban ng iyong mga paa sa agos
na humahaltak sa iyong mga lupasay nang kamay.
Nais ko silang hawakan, hatakin ka pabalik sa lupa,

pabalik sa bayang mas kinakailangan ka
kaysa sa pangangailangan sa iyo ng dagat
kung di man humihinga sa iyong pagtunghay

masilayan lang namin ang iyong katawan
bilang tanda ng iyong dakilang buhay,
kahit bilang na lamang isang bangkay.

– Para kay Jesse Robredo (1958-2012)


“In quantum mechanics, wave function collapse
(also called collapse of the state vector or
reduction of the wave packet) is the phenomenon
in which a wave function—initially in a superposition
of several different possible eigenstates—
appears to reduce to a single one of those states
after interaction with an observer.”

Here is a catalog of things that could happen
as you sit across me, observed:

you will grab the previous stranger’s coffee
sitting on our tabletop since only God knows when
and throw it to the bin while I count red cars
that will drive past the pedestrian lane
as if it was a finish line for something;

you will fold the piece of tissue and wipe
the chocolate stain on the edges of your lips
and by then I have left the shop to go to the seaside
and listen to ocean waves;

you will tap the keys of your phone, searching
for a friend who should have been here with you
ten minutes ago while I slice
the piece of grilled cheese sandwich on my plate;

you will strike a conversation with me: silver wares
against porcelain plates while I talk back, knocking
soles on wooden floors and fingers on mahogany table tops;

you will gaze at the seventieth page of the novel
you are currently reading, because you are baffled
by what the word epiphenomenon means and at that time
I will lean across the table and tell you:
another occurrence alongside a primary event.

In one swift phenomenon
all the possibilities

into the collision of lips —
yours against mine.

And all the parallel universes die,
as if they never mattered to me
thirty seconds ago.


(Wave function collapse definition taken from Wikipedia.)